Lucky Strike of Novi has been called "Chuck E. Cheese for adults," and we definitely agree with that description! Of course in the daytime it's very family-friendly and there are plenty of kids that hang out there, but later at night it's all adults and it can be the site of a raucous good time! We love the games downstairs, but if you're looking for a slightly more refined experience, you may want to head upstairs to the bar and bowling alley. If you are hanging out in the downstairs area playing skee ball, air hockey, and other video games, you may or may not choose to redeem those tickets you win for prizes! That's mostly there for the kids in the daytime but it's a nostalgic good time for those of us who remember doing that back in the day.

They do have a dress code here, so be sure to call ahead to get the details on that. The crowds and waitstaff alike are very good looking, and we've never been at Lucky's when any kind of fight has broken out. Just good times all around for all ages, and adults only past 9:00 PM. Where else can you get a taste of your youth along with those delicious beers on draft? Indulge the kid in you with a great time tonight at Lucky's!

Lucky Strike Novi
44325 W 12 Mile Rd #H-160
Novi, MI 48377-2531
(248) 374-3420