Bar Louie

Bar Louie has always been one of our favorite party spots no matter which of their many locations we're talking about! Their Novi location has recently popped up on our radar as one of the best. One of the top reasons that we love it is their wide selection of delicious cocktails and martinis. They have earned the right to display that giant martini on the glowing sign out front, because they do mix a mean martini! But the experience at Bar Louie is about more than just the drinks. If you're hungry when you come in, you'll want to try one of their giant delicious sandwiches! We don't know if their sandwiches have ever won any awards, but we'd go on record as saying that they should!

They've also got a nice amount of televisions scattered throughout the bar so you can catch all the big games without ever having to leave your seat. Happy Hour starts at 4:00 PM and goes until 7:00 PM, with three dollar beers, four dollar wines, and five dollar martinis! You just can't beat those prices! Finally, the biggest reason that we can't get enough of this bar is the customer service. The bartenders and waitstaff really know how to show a patron a great time. They give you just the right amount of attention, making sure that you are having a wonderful experience. Bar Louie is a true winner in our book!

Bar Louie Novi
44375 W 12 Mile Rd #G-152
Novi, MI 48377-2533
(248) 662-1100